Radostina Konstantinova Foundation

was established on May 11, 2011 – her date of birth – by friends, relatives and co-workers of Radostina Konstantinova, a founding member of 168 Hours Pressgroup and the popular papers „168 Hours“, „24 Hours“, „Monitor“ и „Politika“. The main goal of the Foundation is to encourage objective investigative journalism in Bulgaria, and support all colleagues, who have chosen this difficult genre.

The Foundation established scholarships for professional training and special education of young investigative journalists within the best global electronic and print media it keeps good contacts with.

The Foundation also awards an annual prize for investigative journalism, which will credit a single reporter or a team for outstanding professionalism, objectivity and lack of bias, effect and social importance of the publication or the tv/radio piece.

The open account of “Radostina Konstantinova Foundation” is in Bank DSK – Kaloyan branch (the corner of “Kaloyan” and “Alabin” streets). The account is nominated in BGN and has IBAN BG44STSA93000020217493 BIC STSABGSF – ДСК Клон Калоян